Malibu, CA – 02.16.15

Posted on May 17, 2015

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-Photo by Sarah Griffin (@BettyInTheUSA)


Our campground was perfection. As soon as we pulled in I (Toni) knew we had to spend at least a week. It wasn’t just because I read online that Matthew McConaughey has his Airstream parked in the same park, I swear! Our bedroom window opened up to the ocean! Are you kidding me?

We spent every day with friends. Matt and Sarah were parked in the site across from us and the Los Angeles area, as we mentioned before, is booming with friends. Our friend Martin came to see us for dinner at the seafood restaurant by the RV park. There’s a path down the side of the cliff that leads you right to it! Perfect marketing strategy. We also ventured to Martin’s house in West Hollywood a few times to do our laundry and hang out. One night was pizza and a movie, the other was a ramen spot where you order on an iPad.

A couple years ago Dan made a film called “Nomad” based on the art compound in East Los Angeles. Damon, one of the coolest dudes we know, owns the place. It’s got a tattoo shop, art gallery, barber shop, screen printing studio, paint studio, apartments for artists, and more. What more could you want? We brought Willow, Matt, and Sarah, all who have never been before, and hung out for awhile. Damon played us his newest song on his acoustic guitar as we all sat around him in a circle in his front parking area gushing over how perfect it was. This dude is too cool.

Cards Against Humanity has been our go to game lately. So when I invited my friends Allison and Nick over for dinner, along with Matt and Sarah who are our every night dinner dates, we had to play. Big groups make it unbelievably fun. My friend Zach also came to Malibu to spend the day with us. LA people never want to drive! But we just kept lucking out! We got some acai bowls at Sunlife (the best acai spot in LA in my opinion,) and ventured down route one looking for the perfect beach. We ended up at El Matador. Willow ran in and out of the caves along the sand and swam like she just drank three red bulls. The perfect conclusion to our Malibu experience.


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